Piece #3: Nick Virtue, an Unconventional Hero

For day 3 of the cover reveal, I submit for your approval:

Nick Virtue's ear.

I love Nick. Having spent eight years developing him, I ought to. One advantage to spending so long on Tyburn is that I had tons of time to work on the characters. I got to create the perfect man

I created two of them. Nick is the first one. 

Nick is an unconventional hero. He's not a duke, he's not wealthy, and he's not really an alpha-anything. He's not a beta-anything, either; he's not a letter, he's a real man! 

When Tyburn begins, Nick is employed as a private tutor to the Earl of Hereford's children. He had gone to Cambridge for a couple of years to train to be a physician, but had been forced to drop out when his wealthy patron passed away. He's extremely educated by the standard of the time, but being of uncertain birth with no connections and no living family apart from his brother (...the other perfect man. We'll get to Mark later...), his options are limited. He's lucky to have the job he's got, and he's underpaid when he's paid at all. So what does he do? He moonlights as a highwayman.  

I'm sure a lot of my underpaid teacher friends wish that was still an option. Can I get a hell yeah? 

Nick Virtue can patch a bullet wound in five minutes. He reads epic poetry, speaks decent French, and he knows how to treat a woman (with kindness and consideration, thankyouverymuch). He's smart, he's a little bit dangerous, and he looks damn good in a tricorn. 

And even better out of one. 

He's so sexy, in fact, that even the sexy cover doesn't do him any sexy justice. So close you eyes, picture someone tall, dark, and unbelievably gorgeous, and get ready to get to know Nick Virtue in Tyburn in December. 


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