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If you have yet to get your copy, you can find it on Liquid Silver, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and All Romance E-Books (with an extra-long excerpt!)


The first review is in and Samantha Ryan gave it a solid five stars:

"Tyburn is a tale of lies, love and debauchery set in the Restoration, a little used but fascinating era of history. Set in the familiar locale of London, it pulls back the modern perceptions that we are so used to and displays the seedy underside of a city we think we know. Jessica Cale manages to weave a believable narrative around actual personages whilst evoking the zeitgeist of Stuart London. You can almost smell the streets when the characters walk them and taste the food they eat. That is not to say that this story is bogged down by over-wrought descriptions or flowery language, just incredibly evocative of the themes and the scenes it is trying to portray."

"You close the book with a feeling of elation rather than one of depression, which is how a lot of historically based fiction with female protagonists seems to leave me feeling. Like much of the writing of the period, Sally’s story echoes the themes of trial and tribulation, the resolution one that the reader feels is a fair ending without feeling overly saccharine or forced."

Read the rest of it here!


I am currently in the middle of what I'm calling my No Sleep 'Til Christmas Blog Tour. You may have noticed me sending around a lot of links lately, and these are all guest spots and articles I've been doing with some great authors and blogs to bring you some fun extras about Tyburn and The Southwark Saga. If you've missed any of these, here are all the links in the same place. More dates are being added all the time, so be sure to check back!

Ladies, Gentlemen, Creatures of the Night:

No Sleep 'Til Christmas Blog Tour

November 24th: Five Horrible Ways to Die in Restoration London, hosted by Kimber Vale
November 25th: Five More Common Ways to Die in Restoration London
November 27th: What I'm Thankful For, hosted by Redz World
November 28th: One Night at the Rose & Crown: Intro to Character Interviews and Coffee with Alice Henshawe
November 29th: Join the Hottie Hunt! Nick Virtue Opens Up About His Ideal Woman, hosted by Denise Agnew
December 1st: Interview with Jessica Cale, hosted by Taige Crenshaw
December 4th: Contraception in History V. Love's Pleasing Paths in Blest Security: Restoration Condoms
December 5th: Character Interview: Mark Virtue Gets Sassy With the Interviewer! Hosted by Tami Lund
December 5th: MFRW Newsletter, Front Page Featured Author! 
December 7th: Featured Author Interview, courtesy of Hello Precious Bliss
December 7th - 13th: Spotlight on Liquid Silver Books on Romance Lives Forever
December 8th: Release Day Excerpt, hosted by Suz deMello
December 8th: Another Release Day Excerpt, hosted by Vicky Burkholder
December 8th: Character Interview: The Infamous Sally Green Meets Me at The Tangier. Hosted by Annette Mardis
December 9th: Notes On The Setting of the Southwark Saga, hosted by Rosanna Leo
December 10th: Jessica Cale's Tyburn Playlist, hosted by Margo Bond Collins
December 12th: Friday Fast Five Author Interview, courtesy of Jessie Clever
December 14th: WIP Interview with Maria Messini. Coming soon!

This is a lot to take in, and it's understandable if you're overwhelmed. I find a little background music helps. You can start with my Tyburn playlist:


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