Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Catching Up, New Projects, and a Massive Sale at Liquid Silver Books

Hi everybody! 

I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season! I know I've been a little quiet lately, but I have a few good reasons, I promise! 

First and foremost, Liquid Silver has picked up the third book of The Southwark Saga series, The Long Way Home, and we are working hard to polish it up to sparkly perfection before unleashing it on the world on February 29th. Hurray! 

Second, I've been up waaaaay past my bedtime working on a new Southwark Saga book, as yet untitled. As I write this, I'm about 30,000 words in to a holiday novel about the notorious Meg Henshawe. Can anyone guess what she's getting for Christmas? I'll give you a hint: 

His name is Jake. 

Lastly, I've been baking like a demon who bakes. In the last week, I've managed five batches of macarons, molasses cookies, and some peanut butter blossoms that are less blossom and more, erm, tasty peanut butter snow balls. Here's a picture of the macarons I honest-to-God made myself. 

Root beer, strawberry, vanilla bean, lemon, and chocolate. Mmm mmm, b*tches.
The colors! They're so pretty! 

If you're going into romance withdrawal waiting for me to take up my caffeine habit again ("type faster!" [cracks whip]), I have some good news for you! 

Liquid Silver is having a massive 40% off sale on their entire back catalog including Tyburn and Virtue's Lady. If you would like to read either of them (or both! ;) ) you can get them in any e-book format at 40% off from 12/23/15 until 12/28/15 here

Of course it goes without saying that Liquid Silver has a lot of other really amazing authors, too. I especially love Amy Quinton, Rosanna Leo, Eve Dangerfield, Kailynn Jones, Tami Lund, Bella J, Tara Quan, Marianne Rice, Annette Mardis, Haley Whitehall, DawnMarie Richards, and Susan Behon, but those are just the ones I've read! You can get all of our books in any format you like for 40% off until the 28th. There's no time like a long holiday to catch up on your reading! 

Also, I am thrilled silly to be able to tell you that The Bluestocking Belles have chosen Tyburn as their book club pick for February! I will be on Facebook February 18th to chat with readers about the book and the series, and I very much hope that you will stop by. Invite your friends! RSVP to the Facebook party here

Happy Holidays! 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Demon Hunter Genevieve Drake from Juliette Cross' Vessel Series on #ProjectPurseDump

Hi, everyone! So, my purse is ultra boring. Nothing but piles of receipts, my wallet, phone, sunglasses, and my reading glasses which I can never seem to find. Instead, my character Genevieve Drake from the Vessel series will share with you what’s in her purse. FYI, Gen is a college co-ed turned demon hunter in New Orleans. Take it away, Gen!

1. Tommy Girl Hand Lotion—My hands get chapped, and a girl’s gotta smell nice, right?
2. Chocolate—Always have some stashed in my purse. Helps me in all kinds of emotional emergencies.
3. A Benchmade Knife—My dad’s first present to me when I moved out of the house into an apartment with my bestie, Mindy. (Check out the closeup! It’s got the cutest butterfly.) And Jude almost cracked a smile when he saw me carrying it. Almost.
4. Mindy’s Ferrari-red Lipstick—Mindy has way more fashion sense than I do and insists I wear it when we go out.
5. Pony Tail Holders—Gotta have ‘em.
6.  Bracelet—I bought this in the French Market because it reminded me of my mother and her artwork. She always loved Celtic scrollwork and interlacing. Jude gets a sort of sad look on his face when I wear it, so I usually just stick it back in my purse.
7. Vincent Van Gogh Sticky Notes—Couldn’t pass these up when I saw them at the NOMA souvenir shop. You always need sticky notes. Why not have some classy ones?
8. Matches—I don’t smoke, but I pick up matches wherever I go. These are from the Cigar Factory on
Decatur, Pat O’Brien’s in the Quarter, and Commander’s Palace on Canal from the last time Dad took me.
Pens—You always need a pen. Be prepared.
9. Dickinson Pocket Poetry—Though I’ve had to set my English studies aside for more noble pursuits, like hunting demons with Jude, I can’t give up my favorite book of pocket poetry. Emily inspires me. When life gets tough, I always go to these lines, “Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without the words, and never stops—at all.” 

About Juliette: Multi-published author of paranormal and urban fantasy romance with Samhain and Kensington Publishing, Juliette calls lush, moss-laden Louisiana, home where the landscape curls into her imagination, creating mystical settings for her stories. From the moment she read Jane Eyre as a teenager, she fell in love with the Gothic romance--brooding characters, mysterious settings, persevering heroines, and dark, sexy heroes. Even then, she not only longed to read more books set in Gothic worlds, she wanted to create her own. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cover Reveal! Resplendent Rush, Book 2 of Bella J's Resplendence Series

Resplendent Rush
Resplendence #2
By Bella J
Release Date: January 11th, 2016

Lexi is a vivacious, quirky, and fiercely independent woman with enough attitude and wit to intimidate even the most confident of men. Levi is a sexy-as-hell, cocksure, smoldering hot marine blessed with smooth swagger and cool confidence to charm his way into any woman’s bed. The one thing they have in common, though, is their disinterest in finding love. She’s determined to not let love interfere and dictate her life. And with his career, he doesn’t need the emotional ties and baggage of love, and dreams of white picket fences.

But a few chance encounters have these two tangled up in one wild, passionate, explosive ride which neither of them expected, and which leaves them completely and utterly addicted to each other. Already in too deep, Lexi stubbornly fights her growing feelings for him and refuses to become vulnerable against the power that love seems to yield. She has witnessed firsthand how loving someone can destroy a person, leaving him defenseless against a life of emotional turmoil. She refuses to let it happen to her.

Levi knows that Lexi is holding back. He knows that she is keeping a part of her heart guarded. He’s determined to burn down the walls she so desperately clings to, and make her surrender her all to him. But with his long-lost brother’s unexpected return comes an inexorable danger that he will do just about anything to protect her from—even if it means losing her, and in the end, breaking her heart.


Lexi indicated for the bartender to bring them a round of shots. Just as she was about to toss the tequila back, someone rammed into her from behind, and her little shot glass of heaven went bye-bye all over the counter and down the front of her dress.“What the hell?” she called out and grabbed a napkin.

“Shit, I’m sorry,” a voice came from behind her. It was a guy—of course it was a guy. Only guys would do something as stupid as ram into someone in a club with hundreds of people in it.

Her temper flared, and she spun around. “What the hell do you think—”

And then she blinked.

She stared straight into the greenest eyes she had ever seen. It was the kind of green that reminded you of a forest after it rained. Or the kind of green that pushed through patches of snow, reminding you that spring was just around the corner. His chocolate brown hair fanned just above those captivating greens.


“I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” he asked, concerned. She hardly noticed the other two guys who flanked him.

Kim turned on her seat and glared at the green-eyed piece of hotness pie. “Does she look okay to you?” Kim moved her eyes to Lexi. “She looks practically traumatized.”

Lexi would have liked to tell Kim that it wasn’t because of the getting rammed in the back part, but more about the getting rammed in the back by a prince of everything emerald that had her gawking like a total loser. But somehow her eyes had managed to find those broad shoulders and the lean, perfectly shaped torso just below it, so no way would she have been able to speak. She was afraid that she might drool if she attempted to open her mouth.

Under the white shirt he was wearing, she could see the roped muscles that she would have given her left pinkie for if she could just touch them.

Mr. Emerald Eyes lifted a brow, and an amused grin crossed his marvelously sexy face. “I think she looks like she just saw something she likes—a lot.”

Anger back.

Lexi liked a man who handled himself with cool confidence, but there was a fine line between confidence and arrogance—which Mr. Stormy Green had just stepped over.

Lexi shook the fog from her brain and brought forth her most intimidating stare. After all, she had to make up for her height in other ways, so being able to shoot a glare that had men running for the hills was something she had perfected years ago.

“Don’t you she just saw something she likes me, mister.” She waved her finger right in front of his face. 

“You’re the one who rammed into me. You almost had me choking to death on a shot glass. I practically saw my life pass before my eyes.”

He snorted, and she could have sworn those dark green eyes went a shade lighter. She swallowed.

“You’re being a bit dramatic, don’t you think?” He smiled, and all Lexi could see were those delectable full lips which probably tasted as good as they looked.


“Dramatic? I am not dramatic.”

“I think you are”—he held his fingers with a tiny space between his thumb and forefinger—“just a little.”

Who the hell does this guy think he is? How dare he tell me I’m dramatic? Oh, it’s on.

Crossing her arms, she said, “Yes, you do kind of look like a man who has a lot of experience with little things.”

He made a step toward her, and the club suddenly felt just a tad smaller. “And I’m pretty sure you drooled a little a few seconds ago when your eyes were all over me.”

“Wow, you have a ginormous ego. Are you perhaps compensating for something?” Strike.

When he stepped forward again, she caught the subtle smell of musk and peppermint. His gaze was locked on hers; she had to shift from one leg to the other—for reasons that she could not share with anyone.

And then he was standing very, very, very close—his gaze lowered to hers. “You have a big mouth for such a”—his gaze dropped to her legs and then moved back up—“petite little thing.”

Suddenly Lexi’s mouth went stone dry, her pulse pounding through the roof. Heat, so much goddamn heat—it was all around them. Her back was against the bar counter, and she had nowhere to go.

“I take it you’re an expert on all things petite—are you?” She cocked a cheeky brow, and by the smirk on his face he knew exactly what she was insinuating.

“I know enough to know that you were definitely giving me the dreamy stare just now.”

She snorted. “Don’t flatter yourself, big boy.”

“Oh, I bet you’d love to get acquainted with my big boy, wouldn’t you?” He leaned closer, his torso touching her chest.

Good holy heavens, she couldn’t breathe.

“What dream are you living in?” she shot back, her voice just a little lower.

Then she felt a slight tingle spread from her arm straight through to her spine, and she realized his fingertips were softly moving against her upper arm.

He leaned down, his mouth close to her ear.

“In a dream where you’re going to wake up tomorrow morning, and the first thing you’ll see will be my naked ass next to you in your bed.”

Everything clenched tight—everything. The hidden promises of mind-blowing pleasure were all there, echoing in his words.

She swallowed. “Why would it be my bed and not yours?” Lame comeback, she knew it, but she was kinda finding it hard to focus at that point.

He spoke next to her ear, his breath dancing against her cheek, and she imagined her heart would leap out of her chest at any second. “Because once I’m gone I want you to think of all the things I did to you, every last detail, whenever you look at your sheets.”  Sweet baby—

“Lexi.” Kim’s voice echoed in the far back corner of her mind—far behind all the visuals of her and this green-eyed honeypot of deliciousness doing very dirty things between her sheets.

“Lexi?”  Was that Kim?

She tore her gaze away from Mr. Hotness and looked at Kim, who stared at her all wide-eyed with a huge-ass question mark on her forehead.

“Lexi, huh?” His voice was still extremely close to her ear, which meant she just had another outbreak of goose bumps.

She turned back to Mr. Dreamy. “Yes, my name is—”

“It’s Alexandra, actually,” Kim chirped in.

Lexi glared at Kim. “Thanks for clarifying—Kimberley.

Kim shrugged. Sometimes Lexi was convinced her best friend was completely clueless.

“I’m Levi.”

He smiled, and Lexi swooned like a teenager. That was the moment Lexi pulled on her shiny red slippers, eagerly got onto the yellow brick road, and skipped all the way to the Emerald City—screw the lion and fuck the tin man.

Check in on www.lsbooks.com regularly for pre-order info.

Make sure to grab your copy of the first book in Bella J’s Resplendence Series!

Resplendent Ruin
Resplendence #1
Out Now! 

Juliette thought she had love. She thought she knew what it felt like to be loved. And to finally marry her fiancé, Daniel, was a dream she refused to let go of—until Knox Taylor showed up and made her question everything she thought she knew about life and love.

Juliette Mason had it all—the perfect job, the perfect home, the perfect fiancé. She lived the perfect life. Until everything started to slowly fall apart.

Daniel, her attractive and success-driven fiancé, was the love of her life. For years she wanted nothing more than to finally walk down the aisle, to be Mrs. Daniel Clarke. But as time went by, the cracks in their relationship started to come to the surface, and Juliette found herself in a place she never imagined she would be. It was a place where she started to question everything about her life and her dreams, a place where nothing about her life made sense anymore—a place where she found Knox Taylor.

Knox didn’t count on falling in love. In fact, Knox didn’t count on anything really. He was blissfully happy living a fast life of reckless behavior, impulsive decisions, and beautiful women. He lived the perfect life of a flourishing bachelor—but then she happened.

"Instantly Infatuated! I love this debut novel! Bella J wrote such a fantastic, nail biting, gut-wrenching love-triangle drama with so many surprising twists! Such a compelling, sweetly-heated contemporary romance that kept me glued to every page and tugged real hard on all my heart-strings!" - Romazing Reader

"This story had me feeling the pain all the way around in this story of secrets, revelations and betrayals. I felt Juliette’s pain as she tried to work through her feelings for both Knox and Daniel, not really knowing until the end which way things were going to go. And that journey? This story was so full of highs and lows that my heart needed a break by the end." - Give Me Books


Bella J lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her husband, two kids, & chihuahua. Her love for writing started in eighth grade when she received her first writing assignment—which she flunked. But the positive side of her failure—her newly found passion for writing. The negative side—now she’s completely spaced out half of the time living in her little pretend world of romance, love, & insanely hot heroes.

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(Almost There!) The Long Way Home is Coming Soon!

What's coming at the end of February and feels like it took about four years to get here? 

That's right, The Long Way Home!

Oh, and Leap Year, of course! Both will be here on February 29th, not even three months away. Hurray!

The Long Way Home is Book 3 of The Southwark Saga. It takes place a few years after the end of Virtue's Lady in 1677 and follows silent barmaid Alice Henshawe as she becomes hopelessly lost in France and takes up some unusual employment. Jack is back and more gorgeous than ever, and he is tasked with finding Alice in the midst of the Franco-Dutch war. 

Where is she? Can you guess?

We're not in Southwark anymore, Jack...
That's right. We're going to Versailles, baby. 

Stay tuned for more information over the coming weeks! There will be ARCs to review, blog spots to beg, and way more French history posts than you ever knew you needed. It's going to be a wild ride. 

Thank you all for your support and your wonderful reviews! I appreciate you more than you know, and I very much hope you will enjoy The Long Way Home

Happy Holidays!

Love, Jess

Monday, December 14, 2015

Visit the Blue Ridge Mountains in Hearts Race, New Contemporary Romance by Anneka Ever

I'll hope you'll join me today in celebrating the release of Anneka Ever's new contemporary romance, Hearts Race! Hearts Race is set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, and I don't think this beautiful part of the world gets enough love on the romance front. If this photo of the mountains isn't enough to convince you, then maybe this awesome cover will. Oh my! 

Congratulations, Anneka! 

Hearts Race
Burns Class of Love, Book 2
By Anneka Ever

When it comes to adventure, she’s stop and he’s go. When it comes to romance, he’s yes and she’s no.

Can billionaire Dylan Delaney overcome his adrenaline addiction with life coach Greta Larsen’s help before he loses his technology empire? Can she move past the death of her husband to find love again?

When Greta finds herself attracted to her very rich, very handsome new client, she sees it as a betrayal of her late husband. Despite her feelings of guilt, she can’t walk away from Dylan, especially when she learns he harbors his own grief.

His secret sorrow is the key to Dylan’s love of danger. Greta is determined to unlock his mysterious past so he’ll stop courting death. What she doesn’t count on is the passion she frees.

Dylan’s never met a woman who could slow him down. Until now. Greta teaches him to be mindful of the moment, but soon his every moment is filled with thoughts of her. Has he replaced one addiction with another?

Hearts Race is the follow-up story to Riverswept and the second book in the Burns Class of Love series. The story returns readers to the small town of Burns, Virginia and also introduces them to the Blue Ridge Mountains around Charlottesville, Virginia.


She glanced at the pool and saw the top of Dylan’s dark head as he cut through the water. “Why am I here?”

Ben snapped shut the laptop and turned to watch his friend swim. “In theory, to help Dylan overcome his problems so he won’t lose his company. In practice…well, that’s another matter.”

Her throat tightened. “This is a waste of my time.”

“You’re getting paid well.”

“I want to earn it.” She heard the irritation in her voice. Ben must have too because he peered at her with alarm.

“I’ll talk with him and see if I can get him to take this more seriously.”

She nodded and looked back at the pool. Dylan had climbed out of the water. He wore red swim trunks, modest but not baggy. He ran his hand down his chest and skimmed the water from his skin, dispersing droplets that looked like sunlit diamonds. He had the build of a natural athlete, not overly muscular but firm. When he turned to grab a towel, she saw scars crisscrossing his back, telling the tale of his many mishaps. 
After he dried off, he padded barefoot to the pavilion and grabbed a bottle of cold water.

He chugged it all and then swiped his mouth with the back of his arm. He smiled at her. “Did you come down here to chew me out?”

She felt her face grow warm. “Why didn’t you meet me like we agreed you would do?”

He looked at Ben who just shrugged and opened his laptop again. Dylan sighed and lifted his head to the ceiling. A fan stirred the air above them. Greta saw goosebumps pop up on his arms and she felt the urge to run her fingertips over his skin. Her fingers twitched.

Anneka Ever is a romance author. Her contemporary love stories are set in the mountains and small towns of Virginia. Her strong heroes and independent heroines explore their passion against the beautiful backdrop of rivers, meadows, and forests. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America. Anneka lives in Virginia with her husband and three dogs. You can visit her at www.AnnekaEver.com.

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Romantic Suspense Author KaLyn Cooper on #ProjectPurseDump

I should probably be thrown out of the Girlie Girl Club because I don’t carry much in my purse. Given the opportunity, I don’t even carry one. I often stuff cash in a front pocket with a Chapstick or lipstick on the other side and I carry a very small, leather pouch for credit cards.

Years of long distance traveling has taught me that a purse can get stolen so quickly and weighs you down. By the end of the day, your shoulders ache. I also have a tendency to leave it hanging on the back of a chair so more than once I’ve revisited a restaurant in search of the darn thing. Fortunately, I’ve only lost it once. So I often don’t take one with me when I leave the house.

Unless I’m carrying.

Yes, I have been known to carry a gun in my purse. And yes, I have a Handgun Carry Permit. And yes, I know how to use it. I hope I wouldn’t hesitate to do so if a life-threatening situation should arise. I am a shooter and can often be found on the range. To see a picture of the gun I carry, visit my blog site listed below.

So, on to the contents of my purse:

Let’s talk about the purse itself. I only buy unembellished Coach leather purses. I have some that are over twenty years old that still look good and function well. I rotate them out summer and winter, thus the dark brown one currently in use.

Two leather-bound checkbooks. Although I do more banking online than with a written check, sometimes you simply need to write a check. After the second move, Macho Marine and I decided we needed a stable bank account for his direct deposit but in those days, a local bank was always necessary. Thus the one has been in existence for over thirty-five years and the local account.

That non-descript medicine bottle contains: at least two migraine pills for Macho Marine, he can never find his when he needs them; two daily meds for Favorite (only) Son, just in case; and a few mega Motrin for me. The Tylenol is also for MM because he forgets his all too often when we travel. Is there a picture of our family dynamic forming here?

Business cards. You never know when you’ll run into a Romance reader.

Pens and a small pad of paper. Even though I most often use the app on my phone, I never know when I’ll need to write a note or make a list. I love office supply stores the way MM loves old hardware stores. I could spend hours looking at all the pretty paper, interesting office gadgets and pens that I might need and all too often purchase. They have to be ultrafine point and pretty as well as functional. But never pink or purple and never ever write in those colors. See, I could so easily lose that Girlie Girl card.

Glasses case and lens cleaner. I wore contacts for years and still do on occasion but prefer my glasses these days. I switch to prescription sunglasses when I go outside. Maybe I should try transitional lenses.

Wallet. Again Coach because they last so long and again leather. I guess I’m a natural materials person when it comes right down to it.

Not pictured but should be mentioned: Sometimes I will also have a receipt or two that I stuff into the back compartment but not today. Writing is a business and it keeps my CPA happy when I have the receipt from lunch with my author friends. I also shove my cell phone into the exterior pocket but I needed it to take the picture.

Pretty boring stuff for the most part.

But there is one more item I often carry. It’s deadly and I didn’t want it plastered all over the Internet. To see what it is, please visit my blog https://kalyncooper.wordpress.com/.

KaLyn Cooper’s romances blend fact and fiction with blazing heat and heart-pounding suspense. Twenty-two years as a military wife has shown her the world, and more than thirty years in PR taught her that fact can be stranger than fiction. She leaves it up to the reader to separate truth from imagination. She, her husband, and bird dog live in Tennessee on a micro-plantation filled with gardens, cattle, and quail. When she’s not writing, she’s at the shooting range or paddling on the river.

Be sure to check out her book Christmas in Cancun and two upcoming releases Captivated in Cancun December 28th and Claimed by a SEAL Kindle Worlds Hot SEAL Cancun Crossover Novella releasing January 26th. For all books by KaLyn Cooper, please visit her website www.KaLynCooper.com.

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Reason to Wed: New Regency Romance by Heather Boyd

Reason to Wed
By Heather Boyd
Book Seven, Distinguished Rogues Series
Release Date: December 8, 2015
Genre: Regency Historical Romance
Heat Rating: Sizzling

Richard Hill, the Earl of Windermere, might desperately require a wife and heir, but thoughts of duty fly from his mind when he rescues Esme, Lady Heathcote, from the embarrassment of a failed affair. They usually never agree about anything. He’s never even kissed the vexing widow. But when the opportunity arises to whisk her away for a no-strings-attached rendezvous, Richard can’t imagine a better way to spend a moonlit evening.

Esme has never lacked for admirers, but having Lord Windermere’s company goes a long way to ease the pain of losing her suddenly betrothed lover. And when Windermere suggests an affair, Esme is intrigued by the blazing-hot connection even while knowing their relationship has no future beyond his house party.

But as with any temptation, it’s a bargain they’ll soon regret.

The hallway beyond the drawing room was filled to bursting with chattering guests and she moved smoothly through them, nodding and speaking occasionally to some. While she admired the elegance and comforts to be found in Lord Windermere’s home, she kept her eye out for Meriwether. She turned into the library, but the room was startlingly empty.

“Looking for me?” Windermere asked as he came to stand near. His gaze raked her from head to toe in the most gauche way.

Arrogant and presumptuous. “Hardly. You should pay more attention to your guests and the health of your servants.”

Instead of taking the hint that she wasn’t in the mood to talk, he caught her hand and raised it to his lips. His blue eyes danced with amusement. “I do love when you’re friendly. How have you been, Esme?”

She scowled at him and withdrew her hand to her side. “I’ve not given you leave to use my first name and I am not of a mood to spar with you. Go back to your other guests for amusement and send your butler to his bed. Anyone can see he’s on the verge of collapse tonight.”

“I already banished Oswin to rest.” He laughed suddenly. “Young Pip has assumed his duties until Collins comes up.”

“Just as well,” she replied, thankful for such sensible decisions at last.

“Only you would ever dare tell me what to do in my own home. I wanted to thank you for coming,” Windermere murmured. “But to convince everyone we’re not at odds, you will have to talk to me occasionally with a little less acid in your tone.”

“We’ve spoken as much as needed to quell any gossip.” She smiled at him. “Or was it your wish to have me chivvy you out of your mopes too.”

“I will say again you were right.” Windermere sighed and raked a hand through his dark, wavy hair. “You’re enjoying rubbing my nose in that business with Lady Bartlett, aren’t you?”

“Perhaps.” She smothered a laugh. He hadn’t wanted to believe he was being used until it was almost too late to extract himself from the connection. “You were so indignant that day, and after venting your pique at me, you charged down the street—on foot of all things, my man and your horse trailing after. I laughed for at least a whole day afterward. But I am sorry you were let down.”

He inhaled sharply, his jaw clenching before he relaxed and shook his head. “No, you’re not. You’re positively gloating that you were proved right about her.”

Bestselling historical author Heather Boyd believes every character she creates deserves their own happily-ever-after, no matter how much trouble she puts them through. With that goal in mind, she writes sizzling regency romance stories that skirt the boundaries of propriety to keep readers enthralled until the wee hours of the morning. Heather has published over twenty novels and shorter works. Catch her latest news www.heather-boyd.com. She lives north of Sydney, Australia, and does her best to wrangle her testosterone-fuelled family (including cat Morpheus) into submission.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Globetrotting Romance Author Sarah Hegger's Mobile Command Center #ProjectPurseDump

So, it’s my turn to dump the contents of my purse and tell you all about them. I must say, this feels akin to opening my underwear drawer and letting everyone poke about. 

My purse functions as the mobile command center for my family. 

I see my sunglasses are missing from the picture, but I never go anywhere without them. Someone told me years ago, when I was still in my teens, that they’re the best form of wrinkle protection, and I stick by that. The effectiveness of this method is a topic for another blog post altogether.

Now let me explain myself, items one through thirteen

1. A collection of invoices that I’ll need within the next week or so. In this case, the invoice for my new glasses and beneath it for kitchen stools I’m waiting to be delivered. Pieces of paper get lost in my house, so my purse is the best place to keep them.

2. Um, it got nothing. These are receipts from grocery shopping, and I routinely get rid of them. Typically when I can’t find stuff in my purse anymore.

3. Two teenage girls. ‘Nuff said.

4. The pencils and pens I never have when I need one, but are always lurking around the bowel of my purse.

5. I hate grocery shopping with a passion, and if I don’t have a list I end up not getting everything I need. 

6. The trusty wallet. Probably filled with even more receipts I’ve kept for some reason or other, and will get rid of when they bug me.

7. The dog tags I bought to put on my dogs, but haven’t been back to Pet  Smart to have them engraved with my dog’s name and a contact number. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ll get around to it.

8. The iPhone. And thank God I take out insurance because I have dropped these babies in a cup of tea, a dehumidifier bucket, down the stairs, had one stolen out of my car…

9. Cheque books, because you never know when you’re going to need one. Not often, but damn when you need one, you need one.

10. Both our cars have keyless ignition, but you need to have the fob close to the car to open it. Why two of them? My husband routinely loses his, and I give him the one I have, and find the lost one and put it in my purse.

11. A collection of business cards that are too useful to throw away, but I can never find when I need.

12. Lip balm and gloss, both to prevent dry lips, which living in Colorado make a must have.

13. My business cards and bookmarks for those conversations that start with “What do you write?” It should be noted that since I started carrying these around, nobody has had that conversation with me. But we all know that once I take them out of my purse, I’ll have that conversation with the next person I run into.

There we go, the contents of my purse, and they don’t vary too much from day to day. When the girls were younger, it also used to be filled with nicely colored rocks, bits of toys, feathers, shells and other paraphernalia young children ‘need’ to keep.

Born British and raised in South Africa, Sarah Hegger suffers from an incurable case of wanderlust. Her match? A hot Canadian engineer, whose marriage proposal she accepted six short weeks after they first met. Together they’ve made homes in seven different cities across three different continents (and back again once or twice). If only it made her multilingual, but the best she can manage is idiosyncratic English, fluent Afrikaans, conversant Russian, pigeon Portuguese, even worse Zulu and enough French to get herself into trouble.

Mimicking her globe trotting adventures, Sarah’s career path began as a gainfully employed actress, drifted into public relations, settled a moment in advertising, and eventually took root in the fertile soil of her first love, writing. She also moonlights as a wife and mother.

She currently lives in Colorado with her teenage daughters, two Golden Retrievers and aforementioned husband. Part footloose buccaneer, part quixotic observer of life, Sarah’s restless heart is most content when reading or writing books.

Sarah is the recipient of the 2015 EPIC Award for Historical Romance.

She is represented by Nalini Akolekar of Spencerhill Associates.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Food for Thought: Guest Post by Regency Romance Author Margaret Locke

When thinking of other historical periods, how much attention do you give to the food? Do you wonder what the Romans were eating in 44 BC, what King John dined on after signing the Magna Carta, or what was on the table the night before Lincoln was assassinated? 

In spite of my love of history, and, well, my even stronger love of food, I hadn’t really combined the two. I know bits and pieces of random food history (many from reading historical romances!), but it wasn’t until I delved into research for A Matter of Time, my new Regency time-travel romance, that I had to really think about what would be on the table, and how a twenty-first century woman might react to it. 

Of course, our heroine Eliza James feasts at a duke’s table, partaking in meals of a much higher quality than she’d likely encounter in the streets of London. Still, I easily pictured her shock at some of the foods, especially for a girl raised on modern American cuisine – and by that, I don’t mean the high falutin’ stuff like stuffed cabbage with leeks, but rather the food I myself grew up eating: tuna noodle casserole, macaroni and cheese, Hamburger Helper. Dairy Queen Blizzards and Papa John’s pizza. Captain Crunch, Egg McMuffins, Kit Kats. 

I’m not saying she (or I) never eats fruits and veggies, never makes a stab at healthier eating. But she, like I, loves convenience foods. So, well, when she’s faced with white soup, turtle, pigeon, mutton, and the like, she isn’t quite prepared. 

Luckily for Eliza, Clarehaven’s cook makes a mighty tasty cherry tart, perhaps somewhat similar to this one from the Jane Austen Centre, and a decent cup of hot chocolate. 

How do you think you would do if you were suddenly whisked away to ancient Greece, medieval Germany, Napoleonic France, Civil War America? Would the food give you pause, or would you dig in with gusto? 

A Matter of Time
By Margaret Locke 

Love comes when least expected. 

Nobody would blame widowed doctoral student Eliza James for giving up on Happily Ever After; at twenty-nine, she’s suffered more loss than most people do in a lifetime. But Eliza’s convinced her own hero is still out there, waiting for her, just like in the beloved romance novels she devours. Every girl deserves a Darcy, right? 

Only Eliza doesn’t dream of a modern-day affair: she wants the whole Regency experience. When a magical manuscript thrusts her back two hundred years into the arms and life of one Deveric Mattersley, Duke of Claremont, however, Eliza soon realizes some fantasies aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, especially when her duke proves himself less than a Prince Charming. 

Deveric Mattersley has no interest in women, much less marriage. Determined to atone for his sins after convincing himself he's at fault for the death of his first wife, he decrees himself content to focus on running his family’s estates, and on raising his son–until the mysterious Mrs. James appears. Who is she? What does she want? And why does she make Dev’s blood run hot in a way no woman ever has? 

Can a man with a past and a woman from the future forge a love for all time? 

"I fell in love with this book, just as I did with the Jane Austen classics. There's a new Mr. Darcy in town." - Annie, ARC reader, reviewer for The Write Review and ChickLitPlus.com.

A lover of romance novels since the age of ten (shh, don't tell mom!), Margaret Locke declared as a teen that she'd write romances when she grew up. Once an adult, however, she figured she ought to be doing grown-up things (such as earning that master's degree in medieval history), not penning steamy love stories. Yeah, whatever. Turning forty cured her of that silly notion. Margaret is now happily ensconced back in the clutches of her first love, this time as an author as well as a reader. Margaret lives in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in Virginia with her fantastic husband, two fabulous kids, and two fat cats. You can usually find her in front of some sort of screen (electronic or window); she's come to terms with the fact that she's not an outdoors person. Margaret loves to interact with fellow readers and authors! You may find her here: 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Degrees of Difference: Guest Post by Eve Dangerfield

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to one of my favorite new authors, the hilarious and very talented Eve Dangerfield. I was lucky enough to read an advanced copy of her brand new erotic contemporary romance, Degrees of Control, and I absolutely loved it. You can read my whole review here. Degrees of Control is out today and -- lucky us! -- our publisher, Liquid Silver, is also having a massive Cyber Monday sale so you can snag a copy for yourself for 50% off at lsbooks.com. All Liquid Silver books are half off today only (including mine!), so there's no time like the present to stock up on some delicious holiday reading. Enjoy! 

I’ve written on my Facebook page that Jessica’s review of my upcoming novel was my favourite. This was because she noticed something I tried very hard to get across in my book. My heroine, Charlie Bell is a girl with opinions. She’s a vegan, lives hand to mouth so she can teach yoga full time and refuses to believe having kinks makes her dirty (even if she’s nervous about exploring them.) 

Charlie is generally adored for her laid back charm. Reviewers have also loved her group of girlfriends who support their friend unconditionally while teasing the stuffing out of her. James on the other hand is a character who divides opinions. Some love him, others think he’s an arsehole. I won’t deny he’s a complicated guy who doesn’t always understand his own headspace but I wrote Degrees of Control that way for a very specific reason. 

Too often I read reviews in which the heroine is called a whiny pain in the butt and the hero is praised as a hilarious sex-bomb. He has a circle of mates to banter with and she has a lone friend or sister (who is often a bitch). The guys trade witticisms about their cocks and the women complain about their thighs. I’ve lost count of the times I was forced to follow a heroine who is a nagging, irrational nutbag virgin who just needs some sense boned into her and that makes me scream. Loudly. Like loud enough to perforate my own ear drums and bleed to death. 

I don’t think romance novels are fundamentally sexist but they are often riddled with stereotypes that go deep and stick hard. That’s true of almost all literature but I don’t think books written primarily by women for women should reinforce lazy, boring clichés. I mean sure, sometimes the man is the jokester and the woman is the stick in the mud but not ALL THE BLOODY TIME. 

Charlie Bell sweats when she’s nervous. She masturbates. She fell for a good guy who turned out to be a bad guy, then she fell for a bad guy who turns out to be a good guy. She knows how to suck cock. She doesn’t have to change her values in order to be happy. 

Charlie is a hell of a lot like my friends. She’s a hell of a lot like me. 

It’s a brave new world out there, one in which women don’t have to read paint-by-numbers romance anymore. It’s my dearest wish that this incredible new wave of younger, more socially conscious female authors will help change it even further by portraying not only the virgin librarians but the nerds, the gamers, the rebels and the sluts. We exist, we fall in love and we need to see ourselves in the female characters we read. If I can contribute anything to that movement then I’ll die a happy lady. Unless I scream myself to death. Stay tuned. 
Degrees of Control
By Eve Dangerfield

Charlotte Bell is a typical yoga teacher. She's friendly, earnest and has some slightly masochistic tendencies. After a painful break-up she’s determined to address her long-denied kinks with the kind of man she’s always been too terrified to approach. Charlie's friends select James Hunter, a male model turned suit who has some dark inclinations of his own. After a ‘chance’ encounter at a party James agrees to school Charlie in the harsher side of sex. He knows she's too genuine, too kind, too everything for a guy like him but he won’t turn down the chance to break in a starry-eyed submissive like her. As Charlie and James attempt a strings-free sexual relationship they're alarmed to discover a connection that runs deeper than either of them could have predicted.


“You leave selling her to me,” Sophia said in the brusque, confident tone she used for her pre-game speeches. Pulling herself all the way up to her six feet, she pointed toward her unsuspecting guests. “Charlie, you asked me to help you have a one-night stand of the sexually deviant nature.” 

“Hey, I did not ask for that.” 

“I can confirm there are thirty-seven single men here tonight, accounting for absences and unexpected girlfriends.” 

Hayley sniggered. “Oh good, Charlie’s first thirty-seven man orgy.” 

Charlie tried to stop her stomach from flopping around. This was actually going to happen. 

“To make things easier for you I have narrowed your options down to three ideal candidates based on hotness, height and your particular interests.” 

Charlie was beginning to regret telling Sophia so much about her fantasies. 

“First up, Blair Hudson, eleven o’clock, talking to Simon.” 

Charlie scanned the crowd until she spotted an auburn-haired man with a body that rightfully belonged to Superman. He literally towered over everyone around him. 

Sophia, nudged Charlie. “Blair is a six-foot-five State Trooper. He and Simon work together. He broke up with his fiancée last year and has been ploughing through every available female in the Midwest since.” 

“Holy shit, Charlie, he will destroy you,” Hayley whispered. 

“Candidate number two, Conner Moreno. Four o’clock, outside. Tall, dark and handsome.” 

Charlie took in the man smoking on the back porch. Conner had a shaved head, two armfuls of tattoos and a brooding expression. 

“He’s Colombian, a personal trainer and, by all accounts, a demon in the sack.” 

Hayley moaned. “Ten out of ten, would bang. Would. Bang.” 

Sophia rapped her on the back of head. “No poaching! You can have Charlie’s cast offs.”

Charlie fiddled with her hair. “Why are all these guys so tall? They’ll make me look like a toddler.” 

“You specifically requested someone tall! I’m just meeting your demands.” 

Charlie groaned. “Sophia, please stop talking like a pimp.” 

Her friend swished her long blonde hair. “No. Tonight that’s what I am, your pimp. Now stop being so dramatic and concentrate. We have a surprise entry for draft number three because I wasn’t sure he was coming tonight—” 

“No. Fucking. Way.” Hayley gripped Charlie’s arm with wild abandon. “I thought he lived in Texas? Holy shit, Charlie, you have to pick him!” 

Sophia glared at Hayley. “Your third choice is James Hunter. Businessman, former football player, colossal man-whore and, like myself, an accent to die for, Miss Charlie.” Sophia stretched out her Texan twang like a piece of warm toffee. 

“He’s the blond over by the bar. Don’t judge by the clothes.” 

Good Lord. 

Charlie felt like she’d been punched in the stomach, her hand leapt to her curls like they were a protective amulet. The man in question was leaning against a wall, nodding to a starry-eyed redhead. His face was half in shadow, arms crossed in front of his chest. The casual attire, sun-streaked hair and powerful body might have suggested he was a surfer but he lacked a surfer’s relaxed attitude. This man’s body language screamed indifference. The set of his square jaw was authoritative, almost arrogant and Charlie felt her spine straightening in response. 

“Abercrombie asked him to model in college,” Hayley whispered as though there was some chance the man would hear them halfway across a party. “He got paid to wear jeans with his shirt off, can you believe it?” 

Yes Charlie could. If anyone was born to glare at people from monochrome jean commercials, it was this guy. He was the unapproachable kind of handsome that made her want to cross the street when she saw it.

Eve Dangerfield has loved romance novels since she first started swiping her grandmother’s paperbacks at the age of fourteen. Now she writes her own unapologetically sexy tales about complex women and gorgeous-but-slightly-tortured men. Eve currently lives in Melbourne with her lovely sister, extremely chill boyfriend and a rabbit named Billy. When she's not writing she can usually be found drinking, dancing or making a mess. Often all at once. Degrees of Control is her first novel.

*** Happy Release Day, Eve! ***