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Virtue's Lady Cover Reveal and Excerpt

Hello everybody! 

Virtue's Lady is coming out on April 13th and I am so excited to be bringing you the next installment of The Southwark Saga. Virtue's Lady picks up a month after Tyburn ends and it follows Mark and Jane's story. To give you a little sneak peek, I have the cover here with my favorite excerpt. I hope you enjoy it!

From toiling for pennies to bare-knuckle boxing, a lady is prepared for every eventuality.
Lady Jane Ramsey is young, beautiful, and ruined.
After being rescued from her kidnapping by a handsome highwayman, she returns home only to find her marriage prospects drastically reduced. Her father expects her to marry the repulsive Lord Lewes, but Jane has other plans. All she can think about is her highwayman, and she is determined to find him again.

Mark Virtue is trying to go straight. After years of robbing coaches and surviving on his wits, he knows it’s time to hang up his pistol and become the carpenter he was trained to be. He busies himself with find…

Cross-Genre Paranormal Romance: Demon's Bounty by Jocelyn Dex

Thanks for having me here today!

Demon’s Bounty is a cross between erotic paranormal romance and urban fantasy. It features a fun cast of characters including: demons, a siren, a dog, a witch and others. Check out the blurb and excerpt below and if it sounds good to you, I hope you’ll give it a read.

Demon’s Bounty, Book 1 in Hunting Hell 
Jocelyn Dex

Welcome to the Network, a secret organization with a mission to hunt and kill rogue demons, a job best left to the experts. When the Network hires a siren named Lydie, things get a lot more complicated for veteran demon hunter Tanner, and a lot hotter. Passion ignites when Tanner decides to give in to his desires and sample what Lydie is offering in Demon’s Bounty, Book 1 of Jocelyn Dex's new paranormal series Hunting Hell.


“Nice place,” he said as he accepted her offer to sit.

“Thanks.” She treated him to a dazzling smile that formed a lump in his throat. The urge to reach out and touch her golden hair and lick her pink lips deluge…

Cover Reveal: Her Heart's Surrender by Allison Merritt

One woman will turn the tide of battle by risking everything for the man she loves.
Taken from her village as a child, Ealasaid has lived under the iron rule of a Viking king for far too long. The only good to come out of her life is her son. As long as the king lives, their freedom and hope for the future seems dismal. Despite her contempt for the king and his bloodline, she's drawn to Hella Ingvasson, the man who kidnapped her, and the plight he faces when the king dies.

His father's final demand is that Hella must wed if he's to claim the throne. What better revenge than to marry the thrall his father hated most? Despite her fears Hella will become like his father, Ealasaid agrees to marry for her son’s sake, but she quickly learns her husband’s battle scarred body provides more pleasure than nightmares.

Word comes that her brothers also survived the raid and have assembled an army. They march toward a Norse settlement with the intention of revenge. Unless she can reach he…

New Release: Playing the Part by Lynn Rae

The last thing jaded action star Thomas Locke expects to find on location is a curvy driver who jump-starts his heart.
Playing the Part
Book Three of the Love Around the Corner series
By Lynn Rae
Published by Liquid Silver Books, 23 March 2015

Independent Melanie Sheraton has to hustle for odd jobs in her small town to eke out a living. When the opportunity to act as a driver for some movie folks comes up, she jumps at the chance to earn an extra paycheck. What she didn’t bank on was one of her passengers invading her imagination, something she resists since no movie star would ever be interested in her.

At a crossroads in his professional life, action star Thomas ‘Wheeler’ Locke is in Ohio for a role he hopes will launch his career in a new, serious direction. Instead of concentrating on his acting, he finds himself growing more and more distracted by his feisty driver and her irascible ways.

Dancing around the attraction growing between them, both Mel and Thomas struggle to…

World Building in an Established World: Guest Post by Rosanna Leo

I’d like to thank Jessica for hosting me. Not only are we pub sisters at Liquid Silver Books, I’m a huge fan.

One of the reasons I admire Jessica’s work is her ability to create worlds. In Tyburn, she swept us away to historic London. The reader feels and smells and tastes everything the characters do.

World building is just as important in a contemporary romance, although it may not feel the same. After all, in the cases of contemporaries, the “world” or setting is one we recognize. It is generally the world in which we live, although it may feature more glamorous aspects.

I am always conscious of making my readers feel they’ve entered a new world in my books, even if it is similar to one they’ve encountered. In my latest romance, The Stand-In, the world is modern-day Toronto, Canada … my home town. The action takes place at banquet halls, churches, pubs, strip joints and downtown office towers. These are places we know. The characters are ones you might encounter on the street. The sit…

Cover Reveal: Light Beyond the Darkness by Tami Lund

Light Beyond the Darkness by Tami Lund
Genre: Paranormal
Release Date: April 27, 2015
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In the third installment of the Lightbearer series, lightbearer Carley Santiago and shifter Reid Hennigan are running from their pasts. Hiding in the human world, they meet and sparks fly. But what happens when Carley’s past threatens to ruin her relationship with Reid?

Carley was once the premier chef for kings - the King of the Lightbearers, that is. But when her mate pushes her over a cliff and she miraculously survives, she flees her home, the coterie, knowing he will want to finish the job. She figures hiding in the human world is the best way to ensure her own safety.

While working as a chef at one of Chicago's top restaurants, she meets Reid Hennigan, a lone shifter running from his own past. Carley tries to push him away - she wants nothing to do with anyone from the magical community - even a persistent shifter who insists he onl…

See the Setting of the Southwark Saga!

Hi everybody,

If the setting of the Southwark Saga feels a little unfamiliar to you (or if you just want more of it!), you can now experience it for yourself. Well, almost! Six students from De Montfort University have made this incredible three minute animation of London before the Great Fire in 1666. The Southwark Saga begins in 1671, but most of London and Southwark would have still looked like this. Check it out to fly through the streets past churches, pubs, and even gallows, and notice the beautiful architecture that has long since been replaced. One of those tall houses with the projecting top floor could be Mark's!

This is too awesome not to share. Enjoy!

10 Welsh Castles to Celebrate St. David's Day

Today is the feast day of Saint David, the patron Saint of Wales. It is a public holiday in Wales not unlike Saint Patrick's Day in Ireland, and is celebrated with parades, festivals, and other cultural events. It is a day to celebrate Wales and Welsh culture around the world, so I thought I would share some of what I love about Wales with you today.

I was lucky enough to go to Swansea University for both of my degrees and I lived in Wales for seven years. There are so many things I love about Wales that it would be difficult to summarize in a single blog post, so I'm going to focus on one of my favorite things: the castles! 

As I'm a historical romance author with a degree in Medieval History, it might not surprise you to hear that I love castles. If you like castles, too, you should know that Wales has more castles per square mile than any other country on earth, and they're all beautiful with dramatic locations and fascinating history. I got to visit many castles and …