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A Lot of Sex...For a Reason: Vice by Rosanna Leo

I am delighted to welcome Rosanna Leo back to the blog today with a little bit about her latest contemporary romance, Vice! I've read it and I loved it. If you'd like to know just how much, you can read my review here. Take it away, Rosanna! 
I’d like thank Jessica very much for hosting me as I continue my blog tour for Vice, my new contemporary romance.

I write a lot of erotic romance so it only stands to reason readers will encounter a fair bit of sexual activity in my books. Not too much. I do like to think the sex always has a part in the story. However, in writing Vice, I surprised myself by the intensity and frequency of the act.

There is a section my editor called “the marathon sex-fest.” I laughed when I first read the comment  but wasn’t offended. You see, although I hadn’t really planned to use sex as a story-telling device, it became one. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

Vice is about addiction. And although it deals primarily with gambling addictio…

Made for Me: Sexy New Contemporary Romance by Susan Behon

Made For Me
Book 3: Madison Falls Series
By Susan Behon
Release Date:  September 28, 2015

Sabrina O’Malley can’t stand the sight of Keith Sutton.

At least, that’s what she keeps telling herself. In all honesty, she loves sneaking peeks at the gorgeous, golden-haired construction foreman. It’s easy to forget how arrogant and irritating Keith is when she admires him from afar and can’t hear him talking.

The problem is, he’s always talking. Keith won’t let Sabrina forget her drunken and failed attempt to kiss him. He’s determined to get a do-over and she’s determined to avoid him at all costs. If he has to rile her up to get her attention, and that kiss, Keith is all for it.

Sparks fly when trouble comes to Madison Falls and they are thrown together in an effort to stop it. When Sabrina is targeted and comes under fire, Keith is resolved to keep her safe. To do that, he needs to get past Sabrina’s defenses.

Will Sabrina put her pride aside and give Keith a chance before it’s too late?



Lipstick, Souvenirs, and a LOT of Post-Its: Staring into the Void for #ProjectPurseDump

Twenty-two lipsticks. Eleven bottlecaps. Seven black pens. Five magnets. Three tins of Altoids. Hello Kitty band-aids. A Mucha compact mirror from Paris, and a coin from House on the Rock.

These are a few of things I found this week when I emptied my purse out onto the floor.

In my defense, it is a very large purse. I have a few you might call “sensible” purses, brightly colored leather with understated embellishments and clever pockets, but the one I keep returning to is an oversized, flimsy thing I got at World Market for I think $8. It’s grey and it has crows on it. Size aside, it’s fairly nondescript, and goes well with my worn out jeans and band t-shirt aesthetic, plus I can fit half a library (and a hoodie!) into it should the occasion call for it. All of the things you see here were in it on a day that it was fairly empty, apart from my cat there, but he could have fit into it, too.

So what’s inside? It’s a kind of survival kit, plus a few extra bits and pieces I picked up along t…

Explore Medieval Ghana in Chanta Rand's Exciting New Historical Romance, Rise of a Queen

When most people hear the term Medieval, they think King Arthur, Lady Guinevere, and the Medieval Times Restaurant. But did you know the Medieval period simply refers to a time in history that lasted from the 5th to 15th centuries? Rise of a Queen, my new Medieval African historical romance, highlights the glorious Kingdom of Ghana in the 11th century.

Many people aren’t aware of much of Africa’s history outside of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, which began in the mid-1400s.  Sure, we’ve gotten glimpses into Africa’s past through such popular movies as Tarzan, and The African Queen—where the natives are running wild and naked. Because many times Hollywood is more focused on entertainment than accuracy, we rarely get to see historically accurate depictions of ancient African civilizations.

While researching for another historical novel I was writing about the Moors (North Africans who conquered Spain in 740 AD), I came across a documentary about Timbuktu. I’d always thought Timbuktu was …

#ProjectPurseDump: Tracey Gee of LOVExtra Romance News!

Today I am turning over my blog to LOVExtra's Tracey Gee for the first post of #projectpursedump, a series where authors, bloggers, and friends share the contents of their purses with revealing results! Enjoy! ***

I’m so meta. You can see, in the background, this blog posting as it’s being written
Welcome to Week 1 of Project Purse Dump. I get to go first only so I can give the other wonderful people who’ve signed up a chance to get their blogs ready. Mine will be the dullest purse, I’m sure.

First of all, I don’t carry a purse. That alone is a blog post (not really, that would be cruel). I’m a backpack kinda gal and have been for about 30 years. I have come to the following two conclusions about this:

1. It’s better for my body.
2. I’m a Libra and hate to be unbalanced.

And here’s my stash, once more, with feeling:

Here’s the tale of the tape, minus the tape.

A. The two most essential drugs/supplements in my life, after Xylometazoline: Acetaminophen and Lactaid®. They go with me, everywhe…

Cover Reveal: Resplendent Ruin, Hot New Contemporary Romance by Bella J

Today I have the special honor of introducing you to Bella J, one of my newest pub sisters at Liquid Silver. Her first novel, Resplendent Ruin, is coming out this November and Bella is here today to show you the cover! Read on for an excerpt and a great post about what it's like to see your name in print for the first time. Congratulations, Bella! 
Thanks Jessica for hosting my cover reveal for Resplendent Ruin, Resplendence Book#1. This will be my very first published book, and to say that I am super excited is a huge understatement.

The day I received my contract from Liquid Silver Publishing, I completely freaked out!  Since I live in Cape Town, South Africa, I always get my emails from the publisher during the early hours of the morning.  So this meant that I woke my husband at 4am, literally screaming and jumping on top of him like a crazy person.  I think for a moment he actually thought that I had finally lost it… but then again, that might be something he thinks on a regula…

New Release: Seduction in Sierra Leone, Contemporary Romantic Suspense by Olivia Night

Today I am very happy to introduce you to one of my newest pub sisters from Liquid Silver, Olivia Night! There's nothing like a destination romance to make you feel like you're been on vacation, and Olivia's first novel, Seduction in Sierra Leone, sounds like a real scorcher! Let's take a peek!
Thanks Jessica for having me here! This whole “publishing a book” business is brand new to me and I am learning so much. There is a lot more involved in getting your book published than I ever imagined and at times it has been a bit overwhelming. However, persistence is something an author knows well.  I’ve realized that I can’t do it all at once and that this process really is a marathon and not a sprint. 

I have been so lucky to work with Liquid Silver Publishing on my first book, Seduction in Sierra Leone. This is the first in a three book series. Books two and three are both close to complete. 

The main characters of Seduction in Sierra Leone came to me on a random night in Se…