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Executioner, Death, or The Devil Himself? The Legend of Jack Ketch

Jack Ketch, otherwise known as John Ketch or Richard Jaquet, began his twenty-three year career as London’s leading executioner in 1663. He was not the only executioner dispatching the condemned at Tyburn, but he was the most infamous, earning a reputation for brutality remarkable even for a man in his profession. Even after his death in 1686, his name became slang for any executioner, the devil, and even death itself. Overtime, his reputation took on such epic proportions until that he became a sort of bogeyman. So who was he? 

Like many executioners, Ketch spent much of his early life on the wrong side of the law, and is known to have spent time in Marshalsea Prison. Little is definitively known about his origins. He is first mentioned in the Old Bailey proceedings in January 1676 in the case of a man who was executed for a murder taking place in Whitechapel, and who also killed the bailiff charged with arresting him. The mention is a small one, but the meaning is clear: “the jury br…

Katherine McIntyre Gets Purse-onal for #ProjectPurseDump

When offered the chance to get purse-onal, I jumped on it. (Grin and bear it, I love my puns!) I have to admit though, it wasn’t until I spilled the contents out on the floor for the picture that I realized what a wonderful metaphor it was for myself. For any purse carrier, what you choose to put in that small space is a reflection of you, in some shape or form. After all, anyone with a heavy purse knows the burden of the beast weighing down your shoulders. 

Without further ado, here’s mine and the contents:

First, note the ratty canvas bag that I’ve had for a couple years now. It’s frayed and covered in a splatter of fake zombie blood that just won’t come out. In case you hadn’t gathered, I’m quite a tomboy, and perfectly content toting around a functional bag I got for fifteen bucks at Big Lots. Although, I may need a new one soon as the bottom’s getting pretty worn.

Obviously, my wallet and keys are the essentials. To be noted, that Gamecube lanyard was given to me by one of my first …

Regency Fairy Tales: Guest Post and Giveaway by Ally Broadfield

Have you ever wondered about the popular fairy tales available in Britain during the Regency? Today I am delighted to welcome Ally Broadfield to the blog with a terrific post that will shed light on that very subject! Pay attention, dear Reader, as M. Perrault will come up again in Book 3 of The Southwark Saga!

Please give Ally a warm welcome and be sure to add her new release, Say You'll Love Me, to your TBR list! Take it away, Ally!
*** Stories Within A Story
Lady Abigail Hurst, the heroine in Say You’ll Love Me, is a victim of unfortunate circumstances. She has waited patiently for her childhood sweetheart to finally propose, but on the night of their betrothal ball, she discovers he not only has a mistress, but may also be guilty of murdering her. Though Abigail wishes to cry off immediately, her parents insist that she must maintain the engagement and support her betrothed until the true murderer is discovered. As you can imagine, this is a difficult position to be in.

Soon after …

Tara Quan: Guess What My #Cat Discovered in My Purse Last Friday! #ProjectPurseDump

Since my kitty decided to photo bomb my Purse Dump picture, I figured I’d attempt to describe the contents from his point of view.

Now for the boring version. 

Chew Toys:

1. My lunch money pouch, which I bought during a trip to San Francisco many moons ago. It’s made from recycled plastic, and it might just be the hardiest coin purse I’ve ever owned.
2. My credit card holder. The wallet itself I bought from Thailand. It contains my ATM card, learner’s permit (I have yet to learn how to drive), and one lone business card (just incase I bump into Nalini Singh on a roman sidewalk one day).
3. My Italian ID card—it’s a laminated piece of paper, and it’s a smidge too big to fit into my wallet. I usually have it loose in my purse.

Treasure Boxes:

1. Eye glass box. (Warby Parker is awesome for cheap online specs).
2. Mini-clutch. It usually holds everything under “Chew Toys,” along with my phone. As you can tell, my purse is humongous, so I occasionally have to streamline in a hurry. It’s really eas…

M.S. Kaye's Born From Death Series: Haunted Blog Tour

Today I am delighted to welcome M.S. Kaye to my blog with the latest stop of her Haunted Blog Tour, a post about the inspiration for her character, Mick Fadden. Enjoy!
Ghost stories—what better inspiration for character names can there be? Follow this tour to find the background for the character names of the Born from Death series.

Casper the friendly ghost

Although this book series isn’t exactly “friendly,” how could I resist using Casper as inspiration? Though only with minor characters. 

Ilona meets a little boy in the hospital named Joey Reit, whom she helps, with Lettie’s assistance. A good friend of Archer’s, a sweet, somewhat unstable, homeless man, is named Harvey. Someone from Archer’s past, whom he thought to be a friend, is named Mick Fadden.

The inspiration for the name:

“Everyone’s favorite friendly ghost (Casper McFadden) was created in the late 1930s as a character in a story book, but was soon adapted into animation. Casper was created in the late 1930s by New York City …

Author Rosanna Leo Braves The Bottomless Pit For #Project Purse Dump

When I heard about #ProjectPurseDump, a part of me rejoiced and laughed out loud. After all, what an original idea for a blog hop! 

The other part of me shivered in horror. After all, this means I'm offering viewers a look inside my purse. Some days, even I don't know what's in there. And I swear, sometimes, in its deep recesses, things move...

I can only attribute it to the fact I have what my sons call a "mother's purse." In other words, a bottomless pit of useless items that you very well might need in a life-or-death situation one day. I can't find my wallet most of the time, but if you randomly pick three items from my purse, you'd be able to MacGyver your way out of many situations.

OK, I suppose I am exaggerating a tad. Every good storyteller does (my story and I’m sticking to it). And I will freely admit I did a little clean up. With an industrial vacuum. You see, every time I look in my purse, I feel a little like Oscar Madison from The Odd Coup…

Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card with Miss Merton's Last Hope, Sizzling New Regency Romance by Heather Boyd

Miss Merton's Last Hope
by Heather Boyd
Book Three, Miss Mayhem Series
Release Date: October 13, 2015
Genre: Regency Historical Romance
Length: 40,000 words novella
Heat Rating: Sizzling

Over the years, Melanie Merton has used every trick and ruse to repel overeager gentlemen callers without ever revealing the real reason she won’t say yes to an offer of marriage. When neighbor Walter George jumps to her defense against slurs cast by suitor number twelve, he also pries into her past—uncovering the circumstances around a tragic loss in her childhood and her aversion to being touched by anyone. But even protective Walter must be kept at a distance for his own good, because despite a growing attraction between them, Melanie must deny him too.

Unlike other men his age in Brighton, Walter George hadn’t considered Melanie Merton for a wife because he was convinced he’d never have a chance to impress his haughty neighbor. But that was before he understood her better, before he uncovered why she …

Recipe: Chai Spice Gingerbread Cookies

Between working and writing, I always feel like I'm really busy, and this week has been more stressful than most, with family drama unfolding far away and a literal hurricane looming on the horizon. Fall is here, but instead of pumpkin patches and changing leaves, we've had two weeks of solid rain. Baking is something I like to do to have fun and try to relax, so today my best friend, Jen came over, and we baked some things with my husband. 
I say that we baked, but that's not exactly how it went. Mostly we sat around talking and drinking tea...okay, they sat at the bar drinking tea while I baked sausage rolls--a favorite of my husband's that are tricky to get outside of the UK--and cookies. This is not a complaint, I just really like to feed people. So we talked and drank tea and it was just like a cooking a show starring yours truly, except that I was wearing pajamas and my hair is a mess. Nigella, I am not. Still, the sausage rolls came out great and I managed to mo…

#ProjectPurseDump: Contemporary Romance Author Gemma Brocato

Hiya, hiya, hiya! I’m Gemma Brocato and I’m here to reveal the cluttered contents of my purse (or pocketbook as my Nona used to call it). Please don’t take the contents of my purse to be a sign that my mind is equally cluttered. You might however agree that my purse shelf is a bit of a mess. I have more handbags than I use. But honestly, I might need that little yellow bag, or the beautiful red one at some point in the future. I can’t bear to part with them.

Here’s a list of what I dug out from the bottom of my bag (I tossed the used tissues, straw papers, candy wrappers and old receipts before I took the picture).

A - I carry six types of lip stuff. I don’t use five of them. But one item I use frequently from this grouping is the blue tube of Friction Block. My love for this product surpasses even the Magic Eraser. This miracle substance keeps blisters away from my toes when I wear those toe-pinching, heel-rubbing high heels I love. Find this one in the aisle with other bandage product…