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Degrees of Difference: Guest Post by Eve Dangerfield

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to one of my favorite new authors, the hilarious and very talented Eve Dangerfield. I was lucky enough to read an advanced copy of her brand new erotic contemporary romance, Degrees of Control, and I absolutely loved it. You can read my whole review here. Degrees of Control is out today and -- lucky us! -- our publisher, Liquid Silver, is also having a massive Cyber Monday sale so you can snag a copy for yourself for 50% off at All Liquid Silver books are half off today only (including mine!), so there's no time like the present to stock up on some delicious holiday reading. Enjoy! 
I’ve written on my Facebook page that Jessica’s review of my upcoming novel was my favourite. This was because she noticed something I tried very hard to get across in my book. My heroine, Charlie Bell is a girl with opinions. She’s a vegan, lives hand to mouth so she can teach yoga full time and refuses to believe having kinks makes her dirty (even i…

Souvenirs From Adventures Past: Author, Musician, and Filmmaker Paula Tiberius On #ProjectPurseDump

I never used to carry a purse. While my high school, then university compadres mooned over their new Coach bags and fished around for keys for half an hour, I always had cash in my front right pocket, one slim key in my left back pocket, and whatever lipstick I had on when I left the house was good enough for the night.


1. My wallet – a freakin’ wallet, people. I’m a grown-up.
2. Sunscreen. I live in Los Angeles and my husband Richard has had five skin cancers removed so far. This is the only kind that doesn’t feel oily. If you’re reading this, Neutrogena, I am looking for sponsors on my blog.
3. Rice Krispies treat – this is “for Violet” (my 7 year old daughter) when “she” gets cranky in the car.
4. Two pens stolen from my credit union, an over-sized My-Pal pencil (because sometimes you just don’t want the finality of a pen), a Sharpie (because sometimes things can’t be indelible enough), one pen from The Pleasure Chest (because I cover sex seminars there for, and a pen …

Inside Pin Up Girl Sugar de la Tarte's Purse With Her Author, Terri L. Austin #ProjectPurseDump

Hey, everybody! I’m Sugar de la Tarte. As a retro pin up girl and burlesque performer, I keep a few essentials in my bag at all times. I never know when someone might recognize me, so I like to look my best.

Here’s my favorite bag.  Doesn’t this just scream Sugar? Since I love my deep red lips, I wouldn’t be caught dead without a tube of Mac Red.

So what else do I keep in my sweet little cosmetic bag?

My compact, natch.

Who wants to walk around with a shiny nose? Not me, honey. 
And of course I can’t leave home without my pasties. Believe me, carrying these around along with my pastie glue has saved my bacon more than once. 

Since I got inked—isn’t she lovely—I need to have a tube of sunscreen on hand. I don’t want this beauty to fade. 

Last but not least, I carry my phone, but I had to bling out my case. In my world, presentation is everything! 

You can catch more of Sugar de la Tarte in Diner Knock Out—a Rose Strickland Mystery by Terri L. Austin at Amazon or Barnes & Noble

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Award Winning Author Linda Joyce Opens Up About Her Purse Habit on #ProjectPurseDump

Hello. My name is Linda Joyce, and I’m a purse junkie. I have purses in different shapes and sizes. Purses made of different materials. If there’s a support group for purse junkies like me, one that provides inside tips about the best sales, then sign me up. But don’t think for a minute that I have any intention of kicking this habit. 

I do want to clarify. While I am a purse junkie, I’m not a purse snob. I offer you a view of my Jam Bag as supporting evidence. It’s colorful. Has style. Notice the silver grommets and the black handles. And shows off my signature sign—Fleur de Lis. It’s ecofriendly, made from recycled bottles.  

So what do I jam in my jam bag? 

1) Japanese key chain with my key fob, reward cards, and red change purse carrying three dollar coins inside.  
2) Hairbrush – this is insurance. I carry it so I’ll never need it.
3) Turquoise wallet housing credit cards, stamps, miniature diploma from the University of Florida, and a few single dollar bills. It’s also big enough to …

Duct Tape, Motrin, and Shot Gun Shells?! A Look at Cherry Tucker's Purse with her author, Larissa Reinhart #ProjectPurseDump

First off, I don’t carry a purse. I’ve got too much to haul around and generally if I’m not at an art gig, I carry beer money in my pocket, which is all I really need. I know I live in Georgia and most girls add a touch of lipstick before heading to the Piggly Wiggly or the Tru-Buy, but I’m not most girls. I might have a few smudges of oil or acrylics on my person anyway, so why dress that up with lipstick? 

My name is Cherry Tucker and I live in Halo, Georgia. I like to think of myself as ten times tougher than I look. My height, blonde hair, and cornflower blue eyes don’t help me none. I’m a portrait artist, so where I’m not paying attention to how I look (except for my clothes, I do love to create my own outfits), I am paying attention to how you look. For example, what color would I mix to capture your eyes or what the contrast of light is doing to the angles of your cheekbones. And if you’re a guy, I’ll check out your muscle definition, if you have any. Purely for professional rea…

Release Day Giveaway! New Erotic Contemporary Romance, His Kind of Trouble by Terri L. Austin

Today I am thrilled to welcome Terri L. Austin to my blog to celebrate the release of her latest erotic contemporary romance, His Kind of Trouble. I just finished reading To Be His, and it was fantastic! Terri is giving away a copy of the first book of her Beauty and the Brit series, His Every Need, to one lucky reader today, so be sure to leave a comment below for your chance to win! 
Happy release day, Terri!
His Kind of Trouble  Beauty and the Brit #3
Terri L. Austin
Sourcebooks Casablanca
Release date: November 3rd, 2015


"Oh, Miss Prim likes it rough, does she?"

"Yes." With every twist of his fingers, a hot spark shot straight through her. It was almost unbearable. The desert wind whipped around the car, causing it to shudder. She shuddered right along with it.

Monica Campbell may have a history as a wild child, but she's changed her ways. She's respectable, responsible-and, most importantly, she's sworn off bad boys. That is, until Callu…

What Does a KickAss Chick Carry In Her Purse? Kristi Rose Opens Up On #ProjectPurseDump

Hey y'all. It's my turn to share what I lug around in my giant purse. I don't always carry such a monstrosity but after I had kids the size of my purse grew exponentially and has stayed that way :-).
First, I have to share that I scored such a good deal on this purse, like 80% off, and my daughter found the matching wallet which cost me $10. So wow- that never happens to me. I've never even had a purse and wallet that match so I feel like a girl who is definitely wearing her big girl panties. 

Ok, let's get to it. Starting at the top and going clockwise this is what you're looking at. 

1. Giant pink folder is my passion planner. I know. I know. We have smart phones but it's just not the same as writing down everything in the moment. My passion planner tells me what to do and when to do it. For all things work, child and writing. 

Sometimes, I swap this out for my laptop. I never carry both or my purse would weigh 10 pounds. 

2. Slim black case is my stun gun. Ye…