Award Winning Author Linda Joyce Opens Up About Her Purse Habit on #ProjectPurseDump

Hello. My name is Linda Joyce, and I’m a purse junkie. I have purses in different shapes and sizes. Purses made of different materials. If there’s a support group for purse junkies like me, one that provides inside tips about the best sales, then sign me up. But don’t think for a minute that I have any intention of kicking this habit. 

I do want to clarify. While I am a purse junkie, I’m not a purse snob. I offer you a view of my Jam Bag as supporting evidence. It’s colorful. Has style. Notice the silver grommets and the black handles. And shows off my signature sign—Fleur de Lis. It’s ecofriendly, made from recycled bottles.  

So what do I jam in my jam bag? 

1) Japanese key chain with my key fob, reward cards, and red change purse carrying three dollar coins inside.  
2) Hairbrush – this is insurance. I carry it so I’ll never need it.
3) Turquoise wallet housing credit cards, stamps, miniature diploma from the University of Florida, and a few single dollar bills. It’s also big enough to hold my phone inside when I need to Grab-n-Go. 
4) Leather case hiding an imported German fountain pen.
5) Pen—one of the first I got for SWAG
6) Lipstick – PÜR Moonlit Pearl
7) Business cards- name, address, rank, and no serial number.
8) Hand wipes from the casino in Biloxi. I came home $60 in the good and put it in the bank. 
9) Kleenex
10) Mints – SWAG I carry around. Never know when I might meet a new reader.
11) Notebook—covert operations recorded to be used as secondary characters in a story. 
12) Bookmarks for Her Heart’s Desire. On the flip side, the books in the Fleur de Lis series. 

Hope you’ll connect with me. 

Linda Joyce is an award-winning author of women’s fiction and romance. She writes about assertive females and the men who can’t resist them. Linda’s a big fan of jazz and blues. She attributes her love of those musical genres to her southern roots, which run deep in Louisiana. If you walk-through several New Orleans cemeteries you’ll find many of her family buried there. She penned her first manuscript while living in Japan, the country where her mother was born and raised. Now she lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and four-legged boys. She’s also a foodie and loves to go RVing. 


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