Inside Pin Up Girl Sugar de la Tarte's Purse With Her Author, Terri L. Austin #ProjectPurseDump

Hey, everybody! I’m Sugar de la Tarte. As a retro pin up girl and burlesque performer, I keep a few essentials in my bag at all times. I never know when someone might recognize me, so I like to look my best.

Here’s my favorite bag.  Doesn’t this just scream Sugar? Since I love my deep red lips, I wouldn’t be caught dead without a tube of Mac Red.
C:\Users\Terri\Pictures\Sugar's red matte lipstick.png

So what else do I keep in my sweet little cosmetic bag?
C:\Users\Terri\Pictures\sugar's makeup bag.png

My compact, natch.

Who wants to walk around with a shiny nose? Not me, honey. 
C:\Users\Terri\Pictures\sugar's pastie glue.pngC:\Users\Terri\Pictures\sugar's pasties.png
And of course I can’t leave home without my pasties. Believe me, carrying these around along with my pastie glue has saved my bacon more than once. 
C:\Users\Terri\Pictures\sugar's tattoo.png

Since I got inked—isn’t she lovely—I need to have a tube of sunscreen on hand. I don’t want this beauty to fade. 
C:\Users\Terri\Pictures\sugar's phone.png

Last but not least, I carry my phone, but I had to bling out my case. In my world, presentation is everything! 

You can catch more of Sugar de la Tarte in Diner Knock Out—a Rose Strickland Mystery by Terri L. Austin at Amazon or Barnes & Noble

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