Catching Up, New Projects, and a Massive Sale at Liquid Silver Books

Hi everybody! 

I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season! I know I've been a little quiet lately, but I have a few good reasons, I promise! 

First and foremost, Liquid Silver has picked up the third book of The Southwark Saga series, The Long Way Home, and we are working hard to polish it up to sparkly perfection before unleashing it on the world on February 29th. Hurray! 

Second, I've been up waaaaay past my bedtime working on a new Southwark Saga book, as yet untitled. As I write this, I'm about 30,000 words in to a holiday novel about the notorious Meg Henshawe. Can anyone guess what she's getting for Christmas? I'll give you a hint: 

His name is Jake. 

Lastly, I've been baking like a demon who bakes. In the last week, I've managed five batches of macarons, molasses cookies, and some peanut butter blossoms that are less blossom and more, erm, tasty peanut butter snow balls. Here's a picture of the macarons I honest-to-God made myself. 

Root beer, strawberry, vanilla bean, lemon, and chocolate. Mmm mmm, b*tches.
The colors! They're so pretty! 

If you're going into romance withdrawal waiting for me to take up my caffeine habit again ("type faster!" [cracks whip]), I have some good news for you! 

Liquid Silver is having a massive 40% off sale on their entire back catalog including Tyburn and Virtue's Lady. If you would like to read either of them (or both! ;) ) you can get them in any e-book format at 40% off from 12/23/15 until 12/28/15 here

Of course it goes without saying that Liquid Silver has a lot of other really amazing authors, too. I especially love Amy Quinton, Rosanna Leo, Eve Dangerfield, Kailynn Jones, Tami Lund, Bella J, Tara Quan, Marianne Rice, Annette Mardis, Haley Whitehall, DawnMarie Richards, and Susan Behon, but those are just the ones I've read! You can get all of our books in any format you like for 40% off until the 28th. There's no time like a long holiday to catch up on your reading! 

Also, I am thrilled silly to be able to tell you that The Bluestocking Belles have chosen Tyburn as their book club pick for February! I will be on Facebook February 18th to chat with readers about the book and the series, and I very much hope that you will stop by. Invite your friends! RSVP to the Facebook party here

Happy Holidays! 


  1. Thanks for the mention above, Jessica. It's much appreciated. Can't wait for more Southwark Saga books. And those macaroons look good enough to eat. :) Have a wonderful Christmas filled with all sorts of treats, sweet and otherwise.

    1. You're so welcome! Thank you! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful Christmas, too! :D

  2. Congratulations!
    This calls for a party. I hope you haven't eaten all the cakes, as we call them here, or macaroons as you call them. Just watching them makes my mouth water. I'm sure they are as delicious as awesome as they look.
    They would go well with my mug of coffee!
    Now, back to work.
    Happy Writing!


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