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A Giveaway to Celebrate the Release of Feline Valentine: Yummy Paranormal Romantic Comedy from Tara Quan

Today I am so happy to welcome Tara Quan to the blog with a wonderful preview of her new multicultural paranormal romantic comedy, Feline Valentine. I'm sure you'll agree, it sounds delicious! Enjoy! *** A year ago, I released Fireworks at Midnight , thinking I would leave the world of A Witch’s Night Out forever (I’d planned the series as a trilogy). Unfortunately, my characters had other plans. Since I’d sicced Madame Eve on her cat familiar, earth mage Shelley Dupree insisted I make things right. To be fair, I’d already given her a magical handicap, forced her under house arrest, and buried her in bills—taking away her feline companion did seem a cruel and unusual punishment. It took me two months of fictional time to even the scales with Feline Valentine .  Part of Decadent Publishing’s 1Night Stand series, my interracial paranormal romance is set in Washington, D.C., where magic-wielding folk try to live alongside us pesky humans. It’s my first true “shifter” AND “fo

Finding Fulfillment in an Age When Women Had Little Power: Guest Post by Beverley Oakley

The powerlessness of women in the historical age in which I set my stories – Georgian or Regency or Victorian – is a huge fascination for me and underpins many of my plots. How could a woman worthy and intelligent enough to warrant being a heroine in one of my books find fulfillment in a society which considered only a rudimentary education for girls sufficient? The merest slur upon her reputation could render her unmarriageable when becoming a wife, or a nun, were the only acceptable paths for which she’d been groomed since birth. Even if she came from a wealthy family, a woman had no financial independence. Whether she was married or single, her father, brother or husband controlled the purse strings and decided her allowance. If she were from a poor family and had to work for wages, her husband owned what she earned. If he drank the proceeds, was violent to wife and children and she ran away, the law was on his side. Like the chattel or property she was, she belonged to him and

Cover Reveal: Seduction in Seville by Olivia Night

Seduction in Seville  The Men of FTI, Book #2 Release Date: February 1st, 2016 By Olivia Night In a hospital in Seville, Spain, Patrick Kane lies in a coma. Ambushed and shot while protecting someone important to him, he fights to survive.  She never thought she would see him again. Patrick, the man who’d brought her back.  Eight years ago, Patrick Kane, a joint partner in Fairlane Trade International, descended into a basement of horrors. That horrible day he rescued many women, but one he would always remember. Her beautiful doe eyes filled his dreams and haunted his nightmares.  Madison Lockwood, a nurse, has struggled to put her past behind her, trying to forget the time she spent in captivity. But she recognizes the man who rescued her and brought her out of that terrifying reality. She owes him her life. Patrick is gravely injured, and Madison vows to see him through.  When Patrick opens his eyes, he instantly knows that he made a mistake leaving Madison after fre

Release Day! Bella J's New Contemporary Romance Resplendent Rush is Out Now

Resplendent Rush Resplendence #2 By Bella J Release Date: January 11th, 2016 Lexi is a vivacious, quirky, and fiercely independent woman with enough attitude and wit to intimidate even the most confident of men. Levi is a sexy-as-hell, cocksure, smoldering hot marine blessed with smooth swagger and cool confidence to charm his way into any woman’s bed. The one thing they have in common, though, is their disinterest in finding love. She’s determined to not let love interfere and dictate her life. And with his career, he doesn’t need the emotional ties and baggage of love, and dreams of white picket fences. But a few chance encounters have these two tangled up in one wild, passionate, explosive ride which neither of them expected, and which leaves them completely and utterly addicted to each other. Already in too deep, Lexi stubbornly fights her growing feelings for him and refuses to become vulnerable against the power that love seems to yield. She has witnessed firsthand how lov

Cover Reveal! Explore the Darkest Corners of the Sun King's Court in The Long Way Home

Hello everybody!  I am absolutely delighted to be able to show you the cover of my new book, The Long Way Home . This is the third book of The Southwark Saga, but is a little bit different from the first two. While most of it does not take place in Southwark, you will see many of the same characters from the series in it including Mark, Jane, Meg, Joe Ledford, and of course, Jack and Alice. In this one, Alice is goes waaaaaay outside her comfort zone as she becomes the Mistress of the Marquise de Harfleur's wardrobe. I can't wait to share it with you. Here's the cover! The Long Way Home A paranoid king, a poison plot, and hideous shoes…it’s not easy being Cinderella.   After saving the life of the glamorous Marquise de Harfleur, painfully shy barmaid Alice Henshawe is employed as the lady’s companion and whisked away to Versailles. There, she catches King Louis’ eye and quickly becomes a court favorite as the muse for Charles Perrault’s Cinderella. The palace