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Dining in the Court of Louis XIV, or: What's the Deal With The Peas?

Hello, everyone! I hope you're all enjoying the Ides of March. We're voting here today in my state, and I can't help but feel the timing is fitting. I have already voted, so I'm staying in. Anyone care to join me for reruns of Rome? I love me some Mark Antony! In book news, The Long Way Home has been out for two weeks now, and people are asking me about the superabundance of peas in the book. Peas are everywhere. Ysabeau loves them so much she has them delivered to her room in case she gets peckish in the night. So you know that I haven't completely lost my marbles (on this, at least), here's a post on dining that will explain the thing about the peas.  Enjoy! Caravaggio's Bacchus (1596-7). Not super relevant, but they were really into their classical gods. Raise a glass to the god of wine and tragedy and take a moment to enjoy his seriously defined arms and on point eyebrow game. Cheers! Dining in the Court of Louis XIV The Court of Louis XI

Cover Reveal! Stiletto Secrets: Book 1 of Bella J's New Series, Fairy Tale Bastards

Stiletto Secrets Fairy Tale Bastards #1 By Bella J Release Date:  04/25/16 Genre: Contemporary Romance, Adult Fairy tale Nicholas Blake is your typical class A, rich bastard who loves getting what he wants. He’s spoiled, selfish and enjoys all the lavish pleasures life has to offer—especially those that involve women and getting naked. Nicholas’ life is just damn near perfect. But one night out on the town with his friends and everything changes. One encounter with a stripper in stilettos who fittingly calls herself Cinderella, and his life suddenly doesn’t seem so goddamn perfect anymore. As if that isn’t enough, there’s also Emma, the new maid in his father’s mansion that immediately piques his curiosity with her sweet smile and blue-green eyes. He finds himself drawn to her and wants nothing more than to seduce her into his bed, to make her his. But he just can’t seem to stay away from the stripper that makes him burn in ways he never knew possible. The more he starts to

Locked Box: Sexy New Contemporary Romance by Eve Dangerfield

Eve Dangerfield's new contemporary romance Locked Box was one of the best books I have read in years, so I was psyched when Eve agreed to stop by my blog with some fun behind-the-scenes facts about her new release. I'll try to restrain myself from going all fangirl over here, but in case you'd like to read my review of Locked Box , you can find it here.  Eve's previously unknown facts about Locked Box : Max’s motorbike, a Triumph Scrambler, is the bike my boyfriend desperately yearns for in his heart of hearts. Julia’s sister Ash is based on the soft-but-rock hard bogan girls I only seem to meet in regional Victoria. They drink, they swear and they’re fiercely protective of the people they love. They also flawlessly manage to look like sexy garbage, which you might think is gross and obvious but in reality is a very hard look to pull off. Max’s sisters are named after two of my favourite cousins. (They also give amazing no-bullshit advice.) Julia’s sense of

Old Flames Burn Hotter in Susan Behon's New Small Town Contemporary Romance, One Last Call

One Last Call , Book 4 in the Madison Falls Series, centers around Sarah Brandon, Sophie’s sister who was introduced in Book 1. Sarah owns the Suds and Spuds, a popular bar and grill where most of the characters hang out and attend karaoke night once a month. Sarah leaves work one night and gets into a car wreck while avoiding hitting a deer in the middle of the road. Her long lost love, Josh Logan comes to her rescue. They soon find out that the car wreck was no accident and someone is out to hurt Sarah. Josh is determined to protect her and win her back in the meantime. There is a thin line between love and hate. Their arguments turn heated and their kisses even more so! Old flames burn hotter in Madison Falls. One Last Call Book 4, Madison Falls Series by Susan Behon Release Date: February 29, 2016 Ready for a little small town fooling around? Romance that’s the perfect mix of sweet and spicy! Sarah Brandon is having the night from Hell. Thanks to a deer playing chicke