And Then Mine Enemy: Swashbuckling 17th Century Romance by Alison Stuart *GIVEAWAY!*

The latest swashbuckling 17th century historical romance from the pen of Alison Stuart!
AND THEN MINE ENEMY is the first book in a two book series (FEATHERS IN THE WIND) spanning the years of the English Civil War from 1642- 1645.

And Then Mine Enemy
Feathers in the Wind, Book 1
Alison Stuart

A family ripped apart in a country divided by war . . .

England 1642: Hardened mercenary, Adam Coulter returns to England sickened by violence, seeking only peace, but he finds England on the brink of civil war. He has seen first-hand what that will mean for every man, woman and child and wants no part of it.

King or Parliament? Neutrality is not an option and Adam can only be true to his conscience, not the dictates of his family.

Having escaped a loveless marriage, Perdita Gray has found much needed sanctuary and the love of a good man, but her fragile world begins to crumble as Adam Coulter bursts into her life. This stranger brings not only the reality of war to her doorstep but reignites an old family feud, threatening everything and everyone she holds dear.

As the war and  family tensions collide around them, Adam and Perdita are torn between old loyalties and a growing attraction that must be resisted.


As the first streaks of light illuminated the cold, grey, colourless morning, the wounded came. The echo of horses’ hooves and the creak of wagon wheels, sent Perdita hurrying downstairs. As she stepped outside, her breath frosted in the cold air and she shivered, thinking of the battle that had been fought the previous day and the wounded men who lay on the hard, frosted ground.

In the forecourt a troop of horse, or what was left of a troop of horse, sat their weary mounts as their commander, a tall man on a bay horse leaned down talking to Ludovic. Even in the grey light she could see from his build that it was not Simon and she slowed her steps.

As she approached him, the man raised his head, his fingers going to the brim of his heavy, iron helmet. She stopped, her breath catching. Adam Coulter.

She wanted to run to him, satisfy herself that he wasn’t hurt but even in the circumstances, any undue haste could be construed as unseemly. Instead she raised her chin and walked purposefully across to him.

‘Adam Coulter? What brings you here?'

The answer was obvious and his red-rimmed eyes narrowed. ‘I’ve wounded with me and I can take them no further.’

Perdita moved her gaze to the tired, dispirited faces behind him. Dreading what she might see she turned to the wagons, recoiling momentarily from the stench of blood and worse, and the piteous cries.

Adam swung himself down from his horse, wincing as he straightened his back.

Perdita caught the grimace of pain. ‘Are you hurt?’

He shook his head. Beneath the shadow of the helm’s brim, he looked exhausted, his face unshaven and grimy. ‘Thank you for your concern, Mistress Gray, but no I’m not hurt. Just stiff. My men . . .’

‘Take the wounded into the barn.’ Perdita addressed an older man with a greying beard who seemed to carry some authority. She turned to Ludovic. ‘See that there is food and drink for the men. I’ll see to the wounded.’

She supervised the unloading of the wagons, indicating the grey stone solidity of the barn, hurrying ahead as the able-bodied men carried their injured companions into the grey stone solidity of the barn. ‘We heard the sounds of the battle. Where was it?’ Perdita threw the question to Adam, as he helped one of the more lightly injured soldiers off his horse.

‘Kineton village. A place they call Edgehill.’

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About Alison Stuart

Award winning Australian author, Alison Stuart learned her passion for history from her father. She has been writing stories since her teenage years but it was not until 2007 that her first full length novel was published. Alison has now published seven full length historical romances and a collection of her short stories.  Her disposition for writing about soldier heroes may come from her varied career as a lawyer in the military and fire services. These days when she is not writing she is travelling and routinely drags her long suffering husband around battlefields and castles.

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! Your new series looks terrific. I will be sure to pick this up! Best of luck! :)

  2. It's kinda funny but I actually was just able to get 2 of your Guardians of the Crown books and now you have a new series coming out lol. Eh my TBR is used to my unrealistic expectations. Congrats on your new series :)

    1. Thank you so much, Crystal. Hopefully enough reading to keep you going for a while!

  3. I'm re-reading PILLARS OF THE EARTH by Ken Follett, so I guess it was top of my pile.

    1. That's a book on my keeper shelf, Mary. Thanks for popping in!

  4. "Make Me Love You" by Johanna Lindsey is at the top of my TBR list. Thanks for the chance :)

    1. Johanna's books never age, do they! Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for popping in.

  5. My next read will be Calico Joe by John Grisham.
    thank you

    1. That's not one I've read but I do enjoy a good thriller/mystery and JG never fails. Thanks for calling by!

  6. I love the cover, and the book sounds fabulous. I added it to my wish list, but may wait to buy closer to time for the next books release. I'm one of those crazy people who love to read a series, one right after another. It keeps me in the moment. Congrats on your new release.

  7. This looks like an amazing book! I love the British Civil war readings almost as much as the American Civik War. There is so very much to learn from reading about them. I have been both writing and reading. ((And cleaning and cooking - since I too am snowed in, in NC��)). I am currently reading Madeline Martin's newest book--The Highlander's Spy. Extremely well written. Love it. Karen Simpson


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