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Cover Reveal! The Stranger: New Horror Anthology From Corbeau Media

Hey guys! I have some exciting news. My publishing company, Corbeau Media, is putting out a horror anthology for Halloween and I'm going to be in it along with some of my favorite authors. My story is different from what you've come to expect from me. It's contemporary horror set in a nursing home in Minnesota. It is a *little* romantic, can take the author out of romance, but you can't take romance out of the author (or something)? Here's a little preview: Bear River Bzzzzzt.  Weheheheheheheh. Bzzzzzt. Weheheheheheheh. Bzzzzzzzzz Cassie dropped her forehead against the fluorescent blue face of the pop machine as the bill reader rejected her crumpled dollar for the fifth time. It was 4:55 a.m. and though the beige break room was bright enough to read an X-ray, she needed her second Mountain Dew to trick her brain into thinking her hours were natural. The soft buzz pulsating above her eyebrows was almost comforting, a little harmless