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Cover Reveal! Shamrocks, Shillelaghs, & Shenanigans: A Sexy New Romance Anthology for St. Patrick's Day

Shamrocks, Shillelaghs, & Shenanigans Coming March 17th, 2018 Heat level: Hotter than the Sun Try saying that five times fast! I am thrilled to be able to share the cover of our new anthology. Me and some of my friends challenged each other to write short and steamy novellas for St. Patrick's Day, and I I think you'll like the result. My story is called The Night Shift , and it's about an American woman who breaks into a famous library in Ireland to try to retrieve a priceless family heirloom and the security guard who catches her. Unfortunately--fortunately?--they get locked in the library overnight. What could possibly go wrong? How about an excerpt? Excerpt As Devin left the administrative office of the library, she felt almost weightless with shock. “I’m terribly sorry, Miss McDiarmuid, but I’m afraid we can’t find your book.”  Devin let out a long breath in an effort to collect herself. She didn’t know whether to scream or cry. Her grandmot

Sexuality and Its Impact on History: The British Stripped Bare. Preview and Giveaway!

Hey everybody! I am thrilled beyond belief to announce that our new history book, Sexuality and Its Impact on History: The British Stripped Bare is available to pre-order. Hurray! This is an amazing project with some truly remarkable authors involved and I am honored to be a part of it. My chapter is about the ritual and reality of love in the Middle Ages--big surprise! ;) I'm tackling sex outside of marriage, marriage, the church's views on marriage and ways to get out of it, contraception (yes, it existed and I'm giving you a recipe you should under no circumstances ever try at home!), sex magic, transgender folks, prostitution, concubines, and homosexual relationships (including a king, some knights, and a whole lotta nuns). That's a lot to fit into one chapter, but I love you, so I did it. If that's not enough to tempt you, take a look at the chapter breakdown below. We have Lady Godiva, Anglo Saxons, Tudors, Anne Boleyn, Mary Queen of Scots, and Victoria